Deploying a Facility Management Information System helps boost your organization’s efficiency and reduces costs. Savings can be realized through:

  • Optimizing workplaces and the occupation rate per square foot
  • Streamlining processes through workflow management
  • Monitoring facility performance (including buildings, technical installations, and suppliers/contractors), enabling proactive improvements
  • Increased productivity in the primary business process due to the reduction in the number of disruptions; management information provides a transition from reactive to proactive management
  • Increased employee satisfaction due to a faster response to disruptions and handling of requests.

Complementary added value FM Insight SAP

The utilization of FM Insight provides a number of additional, unique advantages that yield added value extending far beyond the facilities organization.


The optimization of the supply chain that can be achieved using FM Insight cannot be compared with traditional IWMS systems. The diagram shows some of the benefits achievable per department.

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