Implemenation and rapid deployment

In comparison with standard SAP, FM Insight provides added value in multiple ways. In addition to specific FM functionality (such as CAD integration) and the FM user-friendly user interface, the following advantages are offered by FM Insight

Functional approach

An efficient implementation is one of the success factors of FM Insight. NPQ provides tools that contribute to rapid deployment. The relevant SAP components, such as SAP Real Estate Management and Enterprise Asset Management, are provided with preconfigured data sets to curtail implementation effort and time.

These are based on the best practices and experience that NPQ has gained over the past twenty-five years in implementing the Facility Management Information System Prequest FM Software. In addition, the CAD integration and NPQ’s intelligent data collection sheets provide practical and customizable solutions to generate master data in an effective manner.

Adequate assistance

Implementation of FM Insight is guided by both SAP consultants as well as experienced Facility Management business consultants. This is to ensure that the project meets the needs and objectives from the facilities perspective. During the blueprint phase, hands-on workshops with the stakeholders establish how the system can best support the processes with a view to improving efficiency.

This methodology provides a cost-effective SAP implementation and results that are immediately visible within the organization. Depending on the resources available, FM Insight can usually be implemented within just a few months.