Workplace Management


  • Optimal management of joiners, movers and leavers
  • Monitoring of issue and return of assets and equipment
  • Insight into assets issued to employees


Wouldn’t it be ideal if everything was in place for a new employee on his first day at work at your company? This is beyond discussion. It is ideal when all workspace-related assets for a new employee are both delivered and operational on the first day this person joins the company. Yet it doesn’t always turn out quite so easy to achieve this in practice…

FM Insight Workplace Management optimizes and organizes communication between various departments. It simplifies communication between your facilities organization, the human resources department, and other business support departments.

Integration with SAP HCM

The Workplace Management concept is interconnected with SAP Human Capital Management. Changes within the HR master data can trigger a workflow where you can define required actions and tasks for the designated departments.

Allocation of necessary resources or other actions to be taken by the departments can be seen in an overview via the action inbox in the FM Insight portal. When you use Workplace Management, you have full control over all processes with respect to timely allocation and intake of resources to optimize the processes for all the people who join, are promoted and leave within your organization!

FM Insight Workplace Management features:
  • Efficient management of workflow activities associated with new hires within your company
  • Workflow tasks can be set up by the manager, depending on the position of new staff members
  • Action inbox for involved departments easily accessible via the web
  • Safeguarding timely allocation of all requested resources
  • Overview of assets and equipment that has been issued to your employees
  • Cost savings due to reduced losses when employees leave the company.

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