Visitor Management


  • Straightforward registration of visitors and parking spaces
  • A warm welcome for your visitors
  • Efficient handling at the reception


The first personal contact with an organization will provide visitors with a lasting impression. Therefore it is important that this first impression is positive. There is great interest in the concepts of hospitality and hostmanship and for good reason. When you deploy FM Insight visitor registration you increase the service you provide to visitors and contribute to your organizations’ positive corporate image.

Visitor registration system

Optimal communication concerning visitor reception can easily be achieved by implementing FM Insight Visitor Registration. Visitors can be registered in just a few steps via the user-friendly user interface. Regularly returning visitors can be recorded in the database to make new registrations as simple as possible.

The reception has access to real-time information allowing the flawless reception of visitors. When visitors are received it is also possible to have the reception receive explicit instructions about what they should do when a visitor arrives. Of course, FM Insight Visitor registration can also reserve parking spaces for your visitors. In combination with FM Insight Reservations, visitors can be directly linked to an event, meeting, or training course.

A visitor can be pre-registered with your service desk or reception. When you use the FM Insight self-service concept, employees can also register visitors themselves through the self-service portal.

FM Insight Visitor Management software features:
  • Straightforward registration of visitors, supporting customer-oriented visitors reception
  • Ability to capture ID data
  • Recording of the contact person within the organization, in conjunction with a room reservation for meetings, presentations, training, etc.
  • Reservations of parking spaces for visitors
  • Returning visitors can be maintained in the database
  • Generation of overviews of visitors for the day per reception location
  • Insight into visitors on the premises in case of emergencies.


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