Space Management


  • Optimal management of available Lettable Floor Area
  • Reports in accordance with both NEN2580 and EN15221-6
  • Integration with AutoCAD, SAP Real Estate Management, and FI/CO

Almost 50% of the total cost for facilities management is related to the Housing domain. Clearly, optimal use of square feet directly contributes to the profit and loss of your organization. Concepts such as the New Way of Working and organization-focused accommodation have a huge impact on the average square feet per work space and, as such, therefor the housing costs. Available space should be used as efficiently as possible and (hidden) vacancies must be prevented. How can you obtain integrated insight into your square feet used and leases?

With FM Insight Space Management! It is a valuable, powerful, and user-friendly support tool for managing and visualizing your building portfolio. This functionality, an add-on to SAP Real Estate Management, provides the central basis for the management of spaces and provides accurate information about usage. The allocation and use of space by department (and/or external renters) is established using lease out contracts. Integration with SAP FI/CO ensures that there is integrated allocation of housing costs, without the necessity of having to deploy interfaces between the IWMS and SAP.

Space Management, CAD and SAP Real Estate Management

Accurate architectural CAD drawings can be generated by using a combination of advanced tools to adjust or clean up AutoCAD drawings, e.g. automatic generation with double polylines. The use of FM Insight CAD integration enables the entry and modification of the related data about the architectural objects from the drawing into SAP.

If your organization wants to make use of current floor plans, but you do not have sufficient capacity to maintain the drawings, FM Insight can take care of it for you. NPQ CAD Services provides flexible forms of services that completely relieve you of handling drawing management (including Emergency Response and safety drawings).

FM Insight Space Management features:
  • Detailed information that includes gross and net floor surface area, type of space, room utilization, and vacancies
  • SAP Real Estate Management add-on (SAP REFX)
  • Integration with AutoCAD drawings
  • Floor plans and graphical reports easily available via the web
  • Lease administration and contracts integrated with SAP FI/CO without interfaces
  • Report layouts in accordance with both NEN2580 and EN15221-6.

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