Product and Services Catalogue


  • Service portal that provides clear information for your employees
  • Makes services transparent and easily accessible
  • Reduces overhead costs and increases customer satisfaction!


What is the procedure for reserving a meeting room? How often does my office get cleaned and who do I contact with requests or complaints? Where can I get a new PC?

The Facilities Organization has the answer to all of these questions. But what about your company’s employees? If they do not know what products and services are available, this could easily lead to false expectations, needless questions and a flood of requests. Such requests take up valuable time, both for your employees and for the staff of the facilities organization. The better informed the employees, the more efficiently that requests can be dealt with.

The solution is simple. The FM Insight Products and Services Catalogue (PSC) provides a platform that can be used to inform your employees in a straightforward manner. You can provide the needed information via the portal. You determine the layout and how the requests are entered. An existing PSC contained in MS-Word can be used as the foundation.

Facilities PSC

Even if you decide not to have services ordered directly through employee self-service, the facilities PSC can still be used as an important tool to streamline communications. To make it even easier for employees, an option is available to directly link the information to the Reservations and/or Notifications modules. A notification or reservation can be generated directly from the PSC.

You can also make the floor plans of your buildings available via the web using the Viewer in combination with CAD integration. Maximum ease of use for your customers!

The PSC provides added value in various areas. If you wish your customers to be well-informed, you will need to provide them with clear information. Research shows that this leads to a reduction in the number of service desk requests and higher customer satisfaction!

You can use the FM Insight business partner info guide to provide specific data from SAP Human Capital Management (HR) to your entire organization. FM Insight supplements this data with “business partner” data, e.g. from external vendors, thus providing the perfect “who’s who” directory. You always have complete and up-to-date information with minimum effort!

FM Insight – PSC service desk software features
  • Clear overview of all products and services available to customers
  • Available via intranet
  • Easy to implement; an existing PSC in Word may serve as the foundation
  • Fewer questions and reduced workload for your service desk staff
  • Easy data entry using the option to integrate with Notifications and Reservations modules
  • Efficient handling of requests
  • Higher employee satisfaction


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