Work Orders


  • Workflow of orders and tasks
  • Integration with SAP PM, MM, and FI/CO
  • Clear insight into the status and progress of tasks and activities


Managing the execution of work orders with external vendors, contractors and internal departments necessitates an efficient approach. The importance is obvious: both for a demand-supply organization, as well as for a traditional facilities department. The incomplete transfer of information generates needless communication and in worst case assignments that are not carried out (as desired).

Standardized planning and control provides savings through increased efficiency. Deploying FM Insight Work Orders will support you in this area. Contractors and internal departments are managed in a straightforward manner. FM Insight Work Orders can automatically prepare and dispatch the designated tasks and work orders based on subject and type of notification or request from the Notifications. Simplicity is paramount, which ensures that work orders are handled effectively and smoothly. You can use FM Insight SLA dashboard to exactly monitor which work orders are in danger of exceeding the deadline/SLA so you can make adjustments in a timely fashion. The entire solution is completely integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance.

SAP PM orders

If staff members are already using SPM PM work orders then you have a choice. You can deploy FM Insight Notifications to allow the self-service registration of notifications and requests, and have your staff members make use of SAP PM to deal with the handling of work orders. However, if you also want the handling of work orders via the user-friendly web-based shell of FM Insight then that is also possible. In all cases, integration with SAP – without interfaces – is guaranteed!

Deployment of FM Insight SAP Work Orders provides:
  • Straightforward support for workflow of activities
  • Structured work method to support planning and control
  • Management of external orders integrated with SAP MM contracts
  • In combination with SLA dashboard, you can follow work orders in real time and make adjustments as needed
  • Stakeholders have insight into the status of the work order
  • Requesters are being automatically informed about the progress of work orders via e-mail or self-service portal
  • Input the actual hours spent per work order, integrated with SAP HCM
  • Clear overview of the registration of resources used
  • Insight into costs per work order; integration with SAP FI/CO


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