Incidents and Notifications


  • Straightforward registration of notifications in only a few steps
  • Knowledge database and workflow allow efficient handling
  • Requester can track and trace the progress of the handling


There is an elevator malfunction, empty coffee machine, or a small relocation request. Who does your customer contact for assistance with these issues? When coordination is poor, notifications take on a life of their own. It can result in some notifications being handled twice, others not at all, or only partially. Situations of this nature lead to the facility organization’s image being tarnished.

FM Insight Incidents  – SAP PM add-on

A clear understanding of requests and notifications coming from employees is important with respect to structuring and professionalization of facilities services. Simplicity is paramount in FM Insight Notifications. The SAP Enterprise Asset Management add-on (SAP PM – Plant Maintenance) provides simplicity and efficiency. The registering of notifications is straightforward and so is follow-up using the option for setting up workflows. In addition, Work Orders can be generated automatically for the pertinent activities and services based on the subject and notification type. When external contractors must be engaged, you can profit from the FM Insight integration with SAP MM contracts.

When technical staff or contractors are already used to handling orders in SP PM, it is easy for them to use it in combination with FM Insight Notifications. If you want a work order application that is user-friendly and web-based, than FM Insight Work orders is the perfect integrated solution.

The FM Insight self-service concept allows your customers to register their own Notifications (as well as Reservations and expected Visitors, etc). This concept also allows the party issuing the requester to track and trace the status of their requests. This shifts the function of the facilities organization from registration to the coordination and control of Facilities Management.

FM Insight Notifications features
  • Uniform registration of notifications (complaints, wishes, information requests, malfunctions)
  • Linking documents and / or photos to the notification
  • Check upon duplicate entry of requests and knowledge base are available
  • Full integration with SAP PM (SAP Enterprise Asset Management) and FI/CO
  • Automatic scheduling of (sub) tasks and orders that must follow the request
  • Automatic creation of standard tasks and orders for executing departments
  • Insight into the progress/status of the notification
  • Generation of comprehensible management information, e.g. insight into costs and performance of internal and external suppliers (Service Level Agreements)


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