Employee Self Service


  • 24/7 service window
  • Deliver more output with less staff
  • Reduce cost and leverage service at the same time


Many facility organizations are confronted with the same challenge: Achieving better results with fewer resources. On the one hand, customers are becoming increasingly demanding, while on the other, budgets are under pressure and often have to be cut within facility organizations. Can these issues be aligned?

The answer is yes. It is possible by using the employee self-service concept in FM Insight. This SAP self-service application allows employees and other business partners to request products and services via the internet without having to go through a service desk.

Employee self service with FM in SAP

The word says it all: as staff can request products and services themselves, you save on personnel costs within the facilities department. Less staff is needed to man the service desk, which can result in an immediate cost reduction or you can assign the freed up staff to improve the quality of services provided. This entirely fits within the transition from a registration oriented role to a coordination oriented role.

The FM Insight SAP self-service concept is available for Notifications and Work Orders, Reservations, Visitor Registration, Telephone (business partner) guide, and can also be deployed for drawings and floor plans, without requiring expensive Autodesk licenses for all users. The Products and Services Catalogue can also be used to achieve optimal ease of use for the customer.

FM Insight self-service software features:
  • Optimal accessibility: 24×7 service window, no limitations tied to service desk work hours
  • Accessibility independent of workplace and location
  • Modular deployment
  • Reduction of workload for facilities organization: shifting of tasks and responsibilities


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