• Real-time insight into facilities performance and Service Levels
  • Accessible management reports
  • FM performance can be integrated in the existing BI/BW environment


As the role of facilities management shifts, so do the information requirements. Increasingly, particularly in supply-demand organizations where most services are outsourced, it is important to determine whether vendors comply with the Service Level Agreements that have been outlined. How do you maintain an overview without having to pore over complex reports?

It is easy if you use FM Insight Dashboards! These provide an effective deployable application layered on top of the other functions of FM Insight, including Notifications, Work Orders, and Reservations. A selection can be composed of the items shown on the dashboard. The underlying data and details for the different subjects can be easily accessed by clicking through on the dashboard. Reports can be customized to your needs during the implementation period. These reports are easily accessible within FM Insight and can be retrieved or viewed on-line without having any experience with SAP.

Performance monitoring

If your company already has a data warehouse or business intelligence environment set up in SAP, you will also benefit from FM Insight. You will be able to integrate the FM Insight data because use is made of the standard info cubes in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (Plant Maintenance) and SAP Real Estate Management. This makes it possible to include facilities performance monitoring in the corporate reports!

FM Insight Dashboard features
  • Real-time insight into the status of your facility processes and performance of implementing departments or suppliers
  • A tool that lets you define performance indicators to manage performance in a timely manner
  • Directly accessible reports at all levels (operational, tactical, and strategic) without having to provide training to users
  • Relevant management information for optimizing facilities processes



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