CAD Integration


  • Integration of drawings and database
  • SAP data is accessible via drawing in browser
  • Cost reductions through effective implementation


FM Insight SAP AutoCAD integration provides powerful functionality for the exchange of data between AutoCAD drawings and SAP. The specific information in the drawing that needs to be linked to SAP can be determined in the mapping of the CAD interface. The interface with SAP can be accessed from within AutoCAD. This allows the information in the AutoCAD handle to be automatically uploaded into SAP Real Estate Management. Architectural and rental objects can be automatically created.

In addition, an SVG file can also automatically be created using the interface. This file contains a representation of the drawing that can be viewed using a browser. The original CAD drawing (dwg file) is stored in SAP DMS.

Enjoy SAP CAD integration

Your facilities department will benefit from the FM Insight CAD integration in several applications. These include:

  • Space management; including floor plans and allocation of spaces to departments/contracts via the drawing
  • Reservations; display or directly reserve available rooms shown on a floor plan
  • Asset management (displays inventory and assets on a floor plan)
  • Work orders (display urgent, still pending notifications on the drawing).

In brief, with FM Insight CAD integration you can provide better support services and also benefit from more efficient SAP implementation.

FM Insight SAP AutoCAD integration features:
  • Efficient exchange of data between CAD drawings and SAP
  • Automatically create/update architectural objects within SAP
  • Generate SVG files in order to easily view drawing information in a browser
  • Drawing information is available on a decentralized basis without having to pay for expensive CAD licenses
  • Integration with SAP Real Estate Management and Enterprise Asset Management
  • Queries and processing of database information within the drawing
  • Reduced implementation time and effort due to the creation of master data from the CAD drawing.

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