Asset Management


  • Cost-effective management of assets and inventory
  • Real-time insight into where assets are located via drawings
  • Maintenance history and associated contracts immediately accessible


Are there any desks available in stock? How many printers do we have in our inventory? Where are the coffee machines located in our headquarters? These are questions that can be quickly answered with FM Insight Inventory management.

The functionality is an add-on to SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) that provides the central basis for managing your inventory and equipment. FM Insight Inventory management provides a powerful and user-friendly form to manage your entire inventory, including the visualization of floor plans. You can also use Inventory management to directly look up assets with pertinent characteristics. You can record specific attributes and also view the complete history of malfunctions and notifications that are relevant to the assets and the associated maintenance or support contracts. Pertinent documents can also be linked to the assets.

The cost settlement for assets (e.g. replacement or insurance value) and depreciation are processed within SAP FI/CO. You can use SAP EAM (plant maintenance) to draw up preventive maintenance plans (long-term maintenance planning). A valuable functionality is the ability to record and track which resources are issued to employees when starting employment.

Asset management and CAD drawings

When you record your assets in AutoCAD drawings, you also have up-to-date graphical information about the location of available assets and equipment. In combination with AutoCAD drawings from Space Management, you can link assets to locations, buildings, and spaces. When you deploy CAD integration, you optimize your management of and insight into your assets and inventory.

FM Insight Inventory Management features:
  • Professional and cost-effective management of your assets and inventory
  • Full integration with SAP Enterprise Asset Management
  • Insight into status of resources (available for use, in use, not available due to defect/maintenance, etc.)
  • Insight into contracts and documents linked to assets and equipment
  • Current insight into where specific assets are located via visual display
  • Generation of many reports with relevant information, including current value of resources and inventory, usage per department or employee.

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